Demre is a very old settlement that is within the borders of Antalya province and dates back to ancient times. The city, which has a population of around 25,000 today, is the center of attention of visitors especially in the summer and it is able to attract the attention of many people. Demre, which has many historical monuments and natural beauty, should definitely be among your visiting targets.

Let’s take a look at the places that must be seen in Demre and its surroundings together.

Christmas father church

The Santa Claus church, located in the center of Demre, is known as the church where the grave of St. Nicholas, a Christian saint, is located and is one of the pilgrimage points visited by Christians. The reason why the church, which could only be completed in a few centuries when the Byzantine Empire dominated the region, was so important because Santa was born here. Some of the bones of Santa Claus in the church are exhibited in the Antalya Museum, but unfortunately most of them have been smuggled abroad.

Myra Ancient City

The history of the ancient city of Myra dates back to the fifth century BC and in this sense, it bears the breeze of the Lycians who ruled the region before the Roman Empire. The city, which has a very large ancient theater and rock tombs at the same time, will please those who love magnificent historical monuments.

Bird Paradise

There are hundreds of different kinds of birds in the Andriake bird paradise, which is very close to Demre, and the fact that the region is wetland makes this job even easier. You should definitely visit because it is a few kilometers away from Demre.

Andriake City and Museum of Lycian Civilizations

The ancient city of Andriake is also located a few kilometers from Demre by the sea, and the ancient artifacts found here are exhibited in the Museum of Lycian Civilizations. In the museum, you can see churches, a hammam and many daily structures. The museum itself is located in a granary from ancient times.

Ancient City of Sura

This ancient city is located a few kilometers from Demre and around Sura Village. There were important temples and tombs in the city, which was used as one of the places where the clergy explained their prophecies in ancient times.

Çayağzı Beach

Çayağzı beach attracts those who want to enjoy the sea with its clear sea and beautiful view, and offers a good observation opportunity due to the increase in the caretta caretta population in the region during the summer months. It is also possible to get close contact with the turtles since they use the area as a spawning center.


It is not possible to reach the touristic town known as Kaleköy by road, but you can reach here on foot or by boat. It is named Kaleköy because it is inside the castle of the ancient city of Simena. However, it should be noted that due to the fact that most of the city is flooded, only certain major structures remain on the surface.

This point is a good point for both those who want to get a historical atmosphere and those who want to swim.

Boat tour

It is possible to discover the miracles of Kekova with boat tours departing from Demre. Boats allow you to discover many different locations in one day and therefore they smell both history and sea.