The shape and color of the eyebrows are important, which affects how we look, our general ambiance as much as the hair. Eyebrows are one of the keys to our face, our face, our perception of the environment. The harmony of the color of the eyebrows and the model’s face shape and skin color provides a more aesthetic, young and fresh look. Namely; Eyebrows that are much darker or lighter than the skin color usually make the face look more mature and lifeless. Based on all of this, remember that your eyebrows are an element of balance on your face, and you can beautify your face shape with the right eyebrow models that you do not want or dissatisfy with long, short, round, overweight, weak. For this reason, it is useful to recognize his own face shape and choose the most suitable eyebrow model and apply it.

Eyebrow model suitable for square face

The lines of the square-shaped faces are quite evident. For this reason, eyebrows do not need to be very thick or prominent. Soft-shaped round curved eyebrows are ideal for square faces. In this way, the expression of the face gets a softer look.

Eyebrow model suitable for oval face

The oval faces are in the form that extends downwards and makes the face look still. In this regard, the eyebrows must show the eye structure as long as possible and expanding to the sides. For this, the eyebrows should extend as much as possible to both sides, and spread the face to the sides to lighten its length. The important thing here is not so much that it rolls slightly.

Eyebrow model suitable for heart shape face

Heart-shaped faces are the face shape where the middle of the forehead line goes down slightly and the chin is a triangle. For this, it is recommended that the eyebrows on the heart-shaped faces should be as thick and short as possible, and the eyelids should end in line. If the heart shape is given a long model on the eyebrows on the sides, the thin, long-looking chin will look much thinner and an unwanted image will appear.

Eyebrow model suitable for round face

Round faces usually make the person a click overweight. In this respect, it is useful to give a clear angled and curved model to the eyebrows in order to create aesthetic balance on the face. The more pronounced the curves of the eyebrows on the round face, the more aesthetically pleasing the face will look. For this reason, eyebrow models that move straight or in natural flow are more ideal for round faces.

Eyebrow model suitable for long face

Curved, thick eyebrows are suitable for slightly enlarging the image to the side on long faces. If people with long faces make a curved eyebrow model, the face looks even longer. For this, eyebrows must be exactly horizontal and flat.

Eyebrow model suitable for hollow eyes

If the eyes are hollow inward, the eyebrows should not be too thick or clear curved. Especially thick and dark eyebrows can completely erase the eyes from the image. For this reason, lighter colored, one click thinner and flat eyebrows are ideal for hollow eyes.

Who is suitable for curved eyebrows?

The most suitable eyebrow models for women whose face is round and overweight are those that are curved upwards. The eyebrow model, called “eyebrow like a bow”, may make the round faces look a little longer and thinner. In addition, those who have a heart-shaped face may prefer eyebrow models, which are also a curved model, “Crescent”. On the heart-shaped faces, it is better to balance the face by keeping the curved eyebrow shorter than a click.

Who is suitable for flat eyebrows?

The most ideal eyebrow model is flat eyebrows for women whose eyes are small, low down or collapsed. In fact, the ends of the flat eyebrows may look slightly upwards to move the eyes a little higher. Balancing the lowness of the eyes with straight eyebrows helps to soften the expression a little more. However, it would be correct for women with long faces and chin with an inverted triangle to choose flat eyebrows. Curved eyebrows make the face look longer and repellent on long faces, while flat eyebrows add a softness to the face.

Who is suitable for thick eyebrows?

Bold fews are trending recently, almost everyone prefers. However, taking into account the shape of the face, thick, but slightly curved eyebrows are much better. It can suit all face shapes except those with square face and prominent facial contours. The important thing here is that the face does not have very clear lines. Otherwise, when the eyebrows, eyes, mouth, nose are all very clear, a tiring face will form on the face.

Tricks about eyebrow models

  • Slightly curved and raised eyebrows always add some seriousness and cool air.
  • It is not necessary to comb the eyebrows to obtain a natural eyebrow look.
  • Thick, thick and wide eyebrows are always a click away.
  • It would be more correct for young women to leave their brows naturally.
  • Curved eyebrows that lift upwards create a more balanced look for women with wide foreheads.
  • Thin eyebrow lovers should paint the eyebrows in the same color as the hair.
  • Eyebrows descending towards the eyelids make the face tired and old.
  • Triangular eyebrows of medium thickness give the face a hard and cold expression. For this reason, either the triangular lines should be softened or the eyebrows should be thinned with a click.
  • Darker or lighter brows than hair can make the face look pushery.
  • Each model with very high arches, curves or excess in eyebrows adds a dramatic or funny look to the person.
  • Since very thin eyebrows are a thing of the past, those with thin natural brows are recommended to fill the gaps with eyebrow pencil or a brown eyeshadow.
  • The same color of eyes, hair and eyebrows make the face look alive, fresh, young and fresh.
  • Those who want to reveal the beauty and color of the eyes are recommended to comb their eyebrows upright.
  • It is possible to obtain eyebrows that are fuller and therefore the desired model can be given by applying care oil to the eyebrows once a week.