Tools such as straighteners and curlers for styling hair are a savior for most people. It is usually necessary to use heat to give the hair the desired shape. Curling iron will be your savior, especially if you want to wave your hair and get curly. However, there are some things you need to do to avoid damaging your hair while using this tool, which reaches high temperatures.

First of all, you need to warm your hair by adjusting the curling iron to a suitable temperature before curling it. You can set up to 160 degrees if your hair is thin and 220 degrees if it is thick. You may need to try several times to find the right temperature. To do this, first set the curling iron to the lowest possible temperature. If not, try increasing the heat.

Be sure to solve the tangles in your hair before proceeding to curling your hair. You can use a large hair brush for this.

Then apply heat-protective spray to all your hair. Thanks to this spray, a protective barrier will form on your hair and your hair will shine.

How is curling iron applied?

After separating your hair into tufts according to their thickness, wrap your hair in tongs. Make sure you don’t get too much hair in one go. Because in the case of excess hair, all hair will not take the heat equally and will not enter the shape you want. If you want the waves in your hair to look more natural, you can curl your hair in different directions.

If you attach your hair by curling them in the way they wave after curling, with the help of a wire buckle, your waves will be more pronounced and permanent.

After the process continues until all your hair is wavy, open your hair and distribute it with your hands. Then fix your hair with a fixing spray.

How is hair protected from high temperatures?

You need to adjust the temperature of the curling iron according to your hair. A curling iron whose temperature is too high can cause your hair to be damaged or even broken. Ideally, the temperature of the tongs should be an average of 185 degrees. A tong at this temperature will cause the hydrogen bonds in your hair to break and your hair to be wavy. A curling iron that you use at temperatures above 185 degrees can cause keratins in your hair strands to melt and seriously damage your hair and disrupt the natural structure of your hair. Of course, unlike the high temperature, the tongs being set to very low temperatures can also cause your hair to be resistant to moisture and to swell. So make sure your curling iron is set at temperatures below 185 degrees and much less.

They need to be completely dry before curling your hair. Likewise, before using a straightener, make sure that your hair is dry. You can dry your hair with a blow dryer while it is wet because the blow dryer does not touch your hair like a tong and straightener. If you use a curling iron while your hair is damp, it may cause your cuticles to break and have forked tips.

Curlers can damage your hair if you do not use heat protectant products on your hair. Because heat protection products form a protective barrier around your hair cuticles and ensure that your hair strands stay moist and keratin is not damaged. You should spray your heat protector spray in equal amounts on all your hair and make sure that it protects all your hair.

How to wrap the hair in the tongs?

While shaping your hair with tongs, separating it into tufts will make your job easier. For example, if you want your hair to remain voluminous, you should divide your hair horizontally into strands and wrap the hair in each strand by lifting the hair follicles into the tongs. However, if you want a wavy look, you have to separate the tufts vertically.

The waves you create with curling iron in your hair will vary depending on which direction you wrap your hair in the curling iron. If you wrap all of your hair in the same direction, your hair will look neat as a whole. But if you want them to look a little more messy and free, you can curl them in different directions.

The Most Beautiful Hairstyles That Can Be Made With A Curling Iron

Big and romantic curls

If you want romantic touches on your hair, you can choose big curls like Emma Stone. Before waving your hair with curling irons, you can blow dry your hair to make them flat and soft. Then you can start waving your hair with a wide tong over 25 mm.

Waves for short hair

There is no condition that only the ones with long hair will use the curling iron. If your hair is bob cut, it would be nice to wave it with a curling iron. All you have to do is curl your parted hair with a thick tong and distribute it with your hands.

Natural and released waves

If you want Kim Kardashian wavy hair, you can use a 32 mm curling iron. The main purpose of this hairstyle will be to remove your hair from your face. For this reason, wave your hair to the curling iron in such a way that it will pull your hair off your face and wave it like that.

Waves with little effort

It would be good to use a thick tong in this hairstyle too. You can use a curling iron if you want the waves to be more prominent in the remaining parts after you have flattened the top and front parts of your hair, which you have left to dry, with the help of a straightener.

Chic created by curling iron

In order to obtain this model made with curling iron, firstly take the water of your newly washed hair with a towel. Then spray sea salt spray from the root of your hair to the tips. This will create natural waves in your hair. When your hair is completely dry, wave them with a thick curling iron.