1- Schedule Your Meals

Set the time for 20 minutes and become a slow eater. This application is one of the most important elements of thinning without making a complex diet plan. Taste each bite thoroughly and chew it until you hear a sound. Eating for a long time allows you to be more satisfied with less portions and allows the body to secrete satiety hormone. When you eat the food hastily, your stomach won’t have enough time to deliver fullness to your brain. This results in overeating.

2- sleep more, have less weight

Sleeping more than an hour at night, according to a study at the University of Michigan, provides 6 kilos a year for those who get 2500 calories a day. In this study, replacing leisure activities with sleep seems to reduce the calorie intake by 6% because there is a tendency to snack at leisure. Results may vary from person to person, but sleeping can help in other ways. It is stated that sleeping less than 7 hours a day increases appetite and starves more.

3- Eat More Vegetables

For dinner, eat not one vegetable, but three types of vegetables and eat more without hassle. More variety allows people to consume more food, and consuming more fruits and vegetables is a good way to lose weight. High fiber and water ratios allow you to saturate with less calories. Cook them without adding oil. You can also avoid adding high-calorie sauces to your salad by adding lemon juice and herbs.

4- When Soup Comes, Weight Loss

You can get less calories by adding a juicy soup to your day. Soup is especially good before eating because it slows down your eating and lowers appetite. Start with a little salted bone broth and then eat some boiled vegetables. Avoid creamy soups because fat and calorie levels can be high.

5- Consume Whole Grain

Brown rice, oats, barley, buckwheat and other whole grains are a good part of a healthy weight loss strategy. These allow you to get saturated with fewer calories and can also improve your cholesterol. Whole grains are now found in many things such as waffles, pizza dough, pasta, and cakes.

6- Look at Your Narrow Clothes

Put your favorite dress, shirt or pants in a place you will see every day. So you can keep your eyes on your reward. Just choose something that is a little narrow so that you can achieve that goal in a short time. Take off the cocktail dress of last year for your next achievable goal.

7- No to Fatty Meats

Avoid greasy meats, such as greasy bacon, for breakfast or lunch. Just this step allows you to get rid of 100 calories, which helps to lose a few pounds a year. You can add other things with less calories to your sandwich. Tomato slices, banana, roasted pepper, mustard or spicy goat cheese are among the good choices.

8- A slightly better pizza slice

Choose vegetarian pizza instead of meat so you can cut 100 calories from your meal. Other options include choosing low-fat cheese or not adding cheese, choosing a thin dough and using a little olive oil in the dough.

9- Reduce Sugar

Consume plain soda instead of sugary drinks so you can get rid of 10 spoons of sugar. Add some lemon, mint or frozen raspberries for aroma and delight.

Liquid sugar in cola bypasses the body’s normal signs of satiety. In one study, 450 calories from cola were compared daily. Confectioners ate unconsciously fewer calories in total, but this was not the case in coke. They gained weight every four weeks.

10- Use Long, Thin Cups

Tall, thin glasses allow you to gain less calories and weight than short and wide glasses. You consume juice, cola, wine and all other beverages by 25-30% less.

How does this process work? Brian Wansink says that visual signs warn us to consume more or less. In tests conducted at Cornell University, it was seen that people put more drinks in short, wide glasses, and even experienced people like bartenders acted like this.

11- Limit Alcohol

When you need to drink alcohol, drink a non-alcoholic, low-calorie beverage such as plain soda after the first glass and do not go directly to the next beer, wine, cocktail glass. There are more calories in grams of alcohol than carbohydrates and proteins. It also weakens your will and causes you to consume chips, nuts and food more quickly.

12- Eat Green Tea

Drinking green tea can also be a good weight loss strategy. In some studies, it appears to temporarily activate the body’s energy-burning engine, and this is probably due to phytochemicals called catechin in it. At worst, you will have a refreshing drink without calories.

13- Go to the Yoga Mindset

It is seen in a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, where women who practice yoga tend to gain less weight than others. So where is the connection? It is stated that regular yoga practitioners are more conscious about eating. For example, they notice larger portions in restaurants, but they just eat enough to feel full. Researchers state that self-consciousness from yoga gives people resistance to overeating.

14- Eat at Home

Eat things that are cooked at home for at least five days a week. In a survey, it is stated that this is the most important habit of successful weight loss. Does it seem difficult? Cooking at home may be easier than you think. Pre-chopping and roasting things such as roasting, lettuce and vegetables can make the job easier, and it is also easy to prepare legumes.

15- Stop Eating

Many people have a natural break during eating and leave the fork for a few minutes. Wait for this moment and don’t take the next bite. Clean your plate and enjoy the conversation. This silent signal indicates that you are satiated but not blocked. Many people confuse this sign.

16- Chew a Strong Mint Gum

Chew a strong flavored sugar-free gum when the risk of snacks increases. Among the places where unnecessary snacks are consumed, there are actions such as dinner after work, socializing at the party, watching TV and surfing the internet. An abundantly flavored gum suppresses the taste of other foods and therefore prevents you from getting a good taste.

17- Shrink Plates

Shrink your dishes automatically for less food. Brian Wansink of Cornell University found in a test that people offer more food on large plates. Shrink the plate to reduce 100-200 calories per day. So you can lose 5-10 pounds a year. Even people who have reduced 200 calories a day in Wansink’s tests did not feel hungry or realized this number.

18- Set Food Portions Correctly

The good big habits of thin people include setting the right food portions at each meal, and they do this five days a week or more. People who are always thin and successful weight loss are doing this. After measuring your portions a few times, it will become an automatic behavior. Putting small snacks and dishes off the table also helps.

Try the 19- 80-20 Rule

There is a condition to continue eating until swollen in our society, but Okinawa natives eat until they are 80% full. They don’t even give it a name: hara hachi. It is possible to gain this healthy habit by consuming 20% ​​less food, and most people do not even realize this deficiency.

20- Eat Outside

Restaurant meals are significantly more fatty, so in order to keep portions in check, be aware of the following:

  • Share the main course with your friend
  • Choose an appetizer as a meal
  • Choose a children’s plate
  • Pack half the meal before the meal comes to the table

Combine a small main dish with the salad for the right balance: half the plate is full of vegetables.

21- Reach Red Sauces

May your sauces be light. Tomato-based sauces have less calories and less fat than creamy sauces. But remember, portion sizes are still important. One serving of pasta should be as much as a coffee mug.

22- Less Meatless Consumption

Consuming vegetarian foods is a good habit to thin. Vegetarians are less likely to gain weight than those who eat meat. Although there are many reasons for this, legumes play an important role. Bean burgers, lentil soup, and other legume-based foods are fiber-filled. Many people take only half of this important nutrient and miss the opportunity to get saturated faster with fewer calories.

23- 100 Calories More Close

To lose 5 kilos in a year, you should burn 100 extra calories a day without dieting. Try one of these activities:

  • 20 minutes walk
  • Clean your garden or plant flowers for 20 minutes
  • Mow the grass for 20 minutes
  • Clean the house for 30 minutes
  • Brisk 10 minutes walk

24- Celebrate

Praise yourself when you stop your coke habit or spend the day without overeating. You’ve come a little closer to a slimming lifestyle and have managed to stay away from complex diet plans. Call your friend, get a pedicure, buy new clothes or eat a piece of cake once in a while!